We provide a wide variety of track support services. Everything from personalized, one on one tuning and driver coaching, to a shared expense team pit spot on race day. We want to work with your needs and budget in all aspects of your racing experience. We are available to tune for you at local and out-of-town events. We offer full and 1/2 day tuning and coaching for practice days. We also have arrive and drive service for anyone who would like to rent a kart for a day at the track or if you have your own kart but would like us to store it, race prep it, and bring it to the track for you.

Track Support :

In karting, seat position is everything. We can assess any handling issue you have and determine the best seat position, laser alignment for toe/camber set up. We can also scale your kart to be sure that your 4 corner weight is correct along with your front and rear weight percentages. Just in case you find yourself involved in a racing incident, laser alignment can also be used to check whether or not your chassis is straight. This information can be used in conjunction with our chassis jig to get your frame corrected.

We offer two types of dynamometer tuning, Dynojet chassis dynamometer and a Davenport dynamomter which is the engine alone not on the kart. This allows us to accommodate all engine types and provide the most accurate readings possible. You can bring your kart and/or engine in for tuning and diagnostic purposes or choose to include a break-in and performance tuning session along with your rebuild. It's your choice.

Chassis Set Up and Straightening :

Engine and Chassis Dynamometer :

Engine Rebuilds and Blueprinting :

Iame Leopard, X30, and Mini-Swift


Honda CR125

Honda GXH 50

Comer C-50 and K-80


Rotax (we are an authorized rotax service center)

Yamaha KT100

Before beginning any engine work we talk with the customer to determine your specific needs and budget. We offer complete top and bottom end rebuilds, only top end, or just re-ring the piston. Our complete rebuild service includes tear down, inspection of all components, and a cleaning cycle in an ultra-sonic cleaner. All soft parts are replaced and hard parts are inspected and replaced as necessary.


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